Deepak Budki - works

Deepak Budki - works
Deepak Budki - works

Friday, 7 October 2011

#Kashmiri Surnames - #Nehru & #Budki

                 Kashmiri Surnames : NEHRU  &  BUDKI

deepak budki
31st December 2009
There is a misconception that 'Nehru' surname in Kashmiri Pandits has been drawn from Nehar, a canal..There is no evidence to show that Nehrus lived by the side of a canal and therefore were called Nehrus, Can any one name the Canal that Nehrus lived near to. Infact in Kashmiri the surname is actually NOUR (singular) or NAER (plural) which means Duct or Drain for carrying of waste water.Hence, the common belief that Nehrus got the surname because they lived by the side of a canal is misconceived.

Deepak Kumar Budki
18th May 2009
The surname 'Budki' does not mean 'Burki'  but as per folk lore 'Budk'i word was used for gold coins in ancient time in Kashmir and somebody had found these coins hidden under the soil which had been uncovered at the time of rebuilding of the ancestoral house. Needless to mention that in olden days such a practice was prevalent in absence of the banks. As a result people started calling the household as 'Budkiwallahs' which later got metamorphosed into 'Budki'.

deepak budki (delhi)
6th April 2009
It has appeared in wikipaedia that 'Budki' surname is essentially a derivative of 'Burki' which has not been substantiated by factual data.Infact Budkis were the gold coins which had been found in the house of our ancestors while rebuilding the house. Eversince the nickname 'Budkiwallahs' and later 'Budkis' came into existence. There are hardly a few households by this name, 5 in Jammu,1 in Mumbai, 2 in Varanasi and 2 in Delhi at present.